The building of Casati shelter began in 1922, led by “Club Alpino Milano”, by the Cevedale Pass where, during the I World War were located some Austrian army barraks.

The place was chosen for being strategic point, which connected easily Valfurva with Solda and Martello Valley. The works started during the summer but, due to bad weather, were finished only the following year: the shelter’s opening ceremony took place on December 9th 1923.

As soon as the shelter was completed, it was named after “Gianni Casati”, who died bravely in Gorizia on August 12th 1916.

His dad took part to the investment of the shelter’s building with generous money donations.

In 1932 was founded the first summer ski school on the glacier.

In 1934, due to the increasing number of tourists, another shelter, smaller then Casati one, was built, which was named after Alessandro Guasti and overlooks on Gran Zebrù.

Now this small shelter is used as a bivouac during the winter period.

In 1985 and later in 2007 the Casati shelter was renovated and modernized always due to the increasing number of tourists.