"... It was March 7th 1982, a cold and windy day, when at age 27, the then President of the Cai Milan Ludovico Gaetani with Inspector Ettore Manzoni, handed me the keys to what would have become the work and so the story of my life: the management of the Refuge Casati&Guasti. Once inside, the scenario that showed up to my eyes wasn’t exactly great because the strong wind made the roof fell apart! On 12 March, the official opening’s day, I woke au at at to wait for the helicopter which, would have carried the food supplies needed. Unfortunately the weather worsened and remained the same for four days, and I had to stay at the refugee with only two German climbers, having to sleep in the kitchen because of the cold, having no food to eat... "


I was born in Valfurva on July 28th 1955, I’ve been an athlete and ski instructor, and so mountains have always had a special place in my life. From an early age, along with my friends, I’ve climbed the peaks surrounding my hometown and in one of these adventures we saw a group standstill on the glacier. The group, that was there waiting for rescue to come, intrigued us and coming closer we saw that a person had fallen into a crevasse. I lowered myself and was able to retrieve the unfortunate girl. The odd fact is that the girl became, over time, my wife Laura, and that have been our first meeting! In 1987 my son Stefano has born, and he still works with my wife and me at the refuge’s management.

In over 30 years of management I have experienced many experiences both positive and negative. Telling them all would take too long and who knows, maybe one day I’ll write them down!

... "Who highest hike farther sees; who sees farther, longer dreams "....

Dream with us!

We’re waiting for you

Renato, Laura, Stefano